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New Releases - Nov 2020

1. Bella Linen
The latest Linen look high pressure laminate to be released by Admira. This new décor
features a popular 1950s linen pattern in an on-trend shade of white. It allows an instant emotional
connection with the space with its inviting adaption to soft furnishings.

2. U16058 - Be Rooted Xtreme Matt (Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fingerprint).
This colour shade, which has recently started to appear in architecture and even on technical products, is very
easy to combine with many other shades and communicates the most important values of our era:
sustainability and durability.

3. U1200 ‒ Black Xtreme Matt ʻPLUSʼ (Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fingerprint)
Duropal Xtreme Matt Plus is a NEW attractive Super-matt, Anti Fingerprint surface material, Duropal XTreme
Ma􀆩 Plus is ideally suited for horizontal use on areas that require high levels of durability. The scratch
resistance of XTreme Matt Plus far exceeds that of comparable matt surface textures.

4. Antimicrobial
It can be as simple as visiting your favorite café, using a public washroom or going
to the gym: in these day-to-day activities, germs can easily proliferate and transmit. In the face of
the global COVID-19 pandemic, both Duropal and Admira can offer the special advantage of Anti-
Microbial for large parts of its product range including ALL locally stocked Duropal Pre Finished
melamine board, High Pressure Laminate and ALL of our ‘Quadra’ Pre Finished Laminate Work Tops
– An􀆟-microbial Duropal and Admira surfaces kill 99% of all germs on them within 24 hours, including
MRSA-germs or bacteria as well as coliform bacteria.

5. Dark Forest Oak/Forest Charcoal/Black Leather ‒ (Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fingerprint)
An Australian first for textured laminates, for lovers of dark textured décors, keeping your dark
furnishing free from visible fingerprints does not have to be a hassle.

6. Fire Solutions
We are proud to now be able to offer the design market with ALL Duropal and
Admira high pressure Laminates certified as ‘Group 1’ Fire Rated. To take this a step further, both of
these laminate options are now available to be manufactured on a ‘Group2’ rated Fire Rated MDF
board Substrate by our factory in Dandenong South.

7. NEW LOOK - Showroom
We invite all of our trade customers and their clients to visit our newly
refurbished showroom. Here you will find our range of new products sampled in larger formats to
help make your specification decisions much easier.

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