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BTC Furniture Linoleum Pressed Benchtops

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BTC Furniture Linoleum is a product manufactured for specific end use applications.
Its fine grain give it probably the best writing service available.
It is used in the manufacture of Desk Pads and other surfaces that call for those fine - grained surface features.

If BTC Furniture Linoleum is used as the surface on furniture or counter tops it will of-course impart that same fine surface finish to the end product, however the surface may show scratches and may mar.
This is not a defect in the product. It is simply the nature of the product.

BTC Furniture Linoleum Pressed onto Birch Plywood or MDF suitable for benchtops, doors, walls and shelving providing the perfect sophisticated solution for hard wearing applications for use in home, retail, commercial, health and education fittings.

Duropal, Admira and Lamicolor  decors are all available for this application.

                                                                                                      HOW TO SPECIFY
Specify yourSurface product... 
Specify your Decor code... 
Specify your Substrate: -
        * Birch Plywood 18/24/30mm 
                   * MR MDF/HMR Particle Board 16/18/25/32mm  
Specify Single (G1S) or Double Sided (G2S) 
Panel size 2440 x 1220 PLYWOOD 
Panel size 2400 x 1200 MDF
                              3000 x 1200 MDF 
                                3600 x 1200 MDF         
~ Onsite fabrication also available ~ 
~ Available by the metre ~ 
~ Free Sample Service ~


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