Duropal Info

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Antimicrobial E-brochure 2020.pdf

Anti Static
Duropal Anti Static Technical Data.pdf 

Chemical Resistant
Duropal HPL Laminate Chemical Resistant Report A.pdf
Duropal HPL Laminate Chemical Resistant Report B.pdf

Duropal Cleaning Instructions.pdf
Duropal Living with your benchtop.pdf

Duropal Certificate EPH.pdf
Duropal Certificate FSC_EN.pdf
Duropal Certificate ISO_14001_EN.pdf
Duropal Certificate ISO_9001_EN.pdf
Duropal Certificate PCP.pdf
Duropal Certificate PEFC_EN.pdf
Duropal Certificate VOC.pdf
Duropal Environmental Policy.pdf

Bench Top City Pty Ltd Fire Protection Brochure 2021.pdf
Duropal Group 1 HPL Fire Rating Results.pdf
Duropal Fire Door Test Certificate.pdf 
Duropal HPL Fire Rating Assessment Report 2hr and 4hr.pdf
Substrate FR MDF Fire Test - Alpine Full Room Burn Results.pdf
Substrate FR MDF Fire Test - Timberwood Panels - Vulcan FR Class1S AS_3837.pdf

Installation Guide - Benchtops
High Pressure Laminate Bench top Installation Guideline.pdf

Laminate vs Veneers
Duropal  HPL Laminate vs Veneers Comparison Report.pdf

Melamine Board - Prefinished
Technical Data.pdf
F*** Duropal Substrate Data.pdf 

Quadra Worktops
Technical Brochure.pdf 
Duropal Vapour Resistant Foil.pdf

Specify - How to
How To Specify 2021.pdf

Surface Textures
Duropal Decoboard High Gloss Brochure.pdf 

Streamline Worktop
Duropal Streamline Worktop Technical Brochure.pdf

F*** Duropal Substrate Data.pdf
Substrate FR MDF Fire Test - Alpine Full Room Burn Results.pdf
Substrate FR MDF Fire Test - Timberwood Panels Oxygen Consumption Calorimeter Test Results.pdf 

Technical Handbook
Duropal Technical Handbook.pdf 
Postforming Laminate against the grain.pdf

Duropal High Gloss Telegraphing Effects.pdf 
Duropal Decoboard High Gloss Melamine Pre Finished Board Telegraphing Bulletin.pdf

Training Presentation
Duropal Education Program.pdf

Twinkle Snow FG - Non Postformable
This decor contains actual flakes of metal making post forming prohibitive as these flakes may delaminate from the surface.
This product is Non Postformable. We recommend square edge profile only.

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